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include set

include set'meaning
  • Epa ' s environmental justice mandate encompasses the breadth of the agency ' s work , including setting standards , permitting facilities , awarding grants , issuing licenses or regulations , and reviewing proposed actions of the federal agencies
  • Lord of the dance presentations are permanently reviewed by a team of 20 creative professionals including set designers , costume designers , lighting experts , sound engineers and choreographers to ensure its high standards are maintained
  • The way to access internet by desktop computer does not satisfy with the people ' s needs for using it anywhere and anyway . and many non - pc internet accessing devices have emerged , including set - top boxes , wireless phones , and so on
  • On that basis , the paper proposes some essential countermeasures for the eco - environment construction of western china , including setting - up the eco - protection compensating mechanism and perfecting the financing mechanism with sustainable development in western china
  • Basic source control support in visual studio includes setting of source control plug - in and environment options , plug - in switching , database access , and versioning for and manipulation of visual studio projects , solutions , and files and associated metadata
    Visual studio中基本的源代码管理支持包括源代码管理插件和环境选项的设置、插件切换、数据库访问和visual studio项目、解决方案和文件以及相关的元数据的版本控制和操作。
  • We provide full product platform solutions for a diverse customers based in market segments such as telecom including gpon & wimax , computing & server , storage , kiosk and consumer electrical including set top box & navigation , total 5 product platform design solutions
  • New initiatives include setting up of more regional cyber centres , exploring the feasibility of text - to - speech translation services for government web sites and collaborating with it professional bodies to encourage the private sector to adopt to barrier - free web design methods
  • For the future , the force will continue to adhere to the 3 - r principles " reduce , re - use , recycle " in our day - to - day housekeeping . planned actions in the coming year include setting consumption targets and actively pursuing new environmental initiatives for better green management
  • To improve our licensing system further , we have introduced the " be the smart regulator " programme , which includes setting up business liaison groups for more business sectors , developing more comprehensive performance pledges and guides to licence applications , and promoting the wider use of electronic services
  • The dynamic change and the stability of the generalized cobweb models such as model one are studied , including setting up the models and giving the economic meanings ; dynamic analysis on model one and proving that the price array produced by model one wo n ' t emerge above the third cycle movement and chaos ; stability analysis on model one and obtaining six theorems about the stability of equilibrium price . chapter four , analysis on some specialized cobweb models . this is the second key part of the thesis
    主要研究了对形如模型( )的一般化蛛网模型的动态分析与稳定性问题,主要包括三个方面工作:一是建立模型并给出经济含义;二是对模型进行动态分析,证明了由模型( )所生成的价格系列在一定的条件下不会出现3以上周期运动和混沌现象;三是对模型进行稳定性分析,并得到模型( )关于均衡价格稳定的六个定理。
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