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finance bill meaning

finance bill'meaning
  • The Lords are restricted to delaying legislation, except finance bills, for six months.
  • A three-day parliament session is planned for next week to ratify finance bills.
  • We are interested that the finance bill goes uninterrupted in the interest of the country.
  • We even passed a campaign finance bill,
  • Fritts took aim at the campaign finance bill passed by the Senate earlier this month.
  • He had the Conservative Whip withdrawn over the EC Finance Bill on 28 November 1994.
  • The filibuster is intended to prevent the finance bill from going to House and Senate negotiators.
  • Several other campaign finance bills have been proposed in the opening weeks of the 105th Congress.
  • Daschle said that he had brought up the campaign finance bill with Lott at every opportunity.
  • This is also a core component of the main campaign-finance bill in the Senate.
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