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finance bill meaning

finance bill'meaning
  • His campaign finance bills have languished in the Legislature.
  • So, now comes the campaign finance bills.
  • Administration officials included the sentence in the original draft of the school financing bill.
  • So Kawamura suggested the government change the way it offers financing bills to investors.
  • Signing the campaign finance bill " could depress the Republican base,"
  • CAMPFIN _ WASHINGTON _ President Bush signed the campaign finance bill without ceremony Wednesday.
  • Hanging in the balance is this : Which party will filibuster the campaign finance bill?
  • "Believe me, I'm for a campaign finance bill,"
  • Miscalculations can be disastrous, as the effort to bury the campaign finance bill demonstrated.
  • His cosponsor on the campaign finance bill is Senator Russ Feingold, a Wisconsin Democrat.
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