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express delivery meaning

express delivery'meaning
  • In fact, it has only one deal on the books, a Detroit express delivery company.
  • An express delivery from Srinath wheezed through veteran Salim Malik's defense on to the stumps.
  • Canada Post also owns 96 percent of Purolator Courier, the largest express delivery service in Canada.
  • Smith said the manufacturing and wholesale business is particularly important to an express delivery company like FedEx.
  • Under the program, DHL will become the single brand for the express delivery and logistics businesses.
  • Sinotrans already has a joint venture in China with the DHL express delivery unit of Deutsche Post.
  • The airline also started an express delivery services company in 1976 which still exists as of 2007.
  • Here's the item for the Bill Bowes book : " Express deliveries ".
  • He picked up the package from a Drug Enforcement Administration official posing as a Federal Express delivery person.
  • Bashar miscued a pull off Akhtar's express delivery, then Muhammad Hafeez made a neat catch.
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