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express delivery meaning

express delivery's meaning
  • The express delivery specialist, headquartered in Memphis, upped the ante last week.
  • Airborne isn't the only express delivery firm affected by the slowing economy.
  • In 1992 it scuttled its intra European express delivery service after over estimating demand.
  • Cutoff, Dec . 12 ( Dec . 15 for Federal Express delivery ).
  • It will also have a ground-level space for an express delivery center.
  • The national express deliveries mean the domestic market, shipments achieved in unique country.
  • Currently, Amtrak takes in about $ 60 million annually for mail and express delivery.
  • On any given day, our air-express deliveries are down 4 to 6 percent,
  • Its express delivery service will now have access to DHL's global air express network.
  • "' Airborne Express "'was an express delivery company and cargo airline.
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