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express delivery meaning

express delivery's meaning
  • Qos-based services and protocols provide a guaranteed, end-to-end, express delivery system for information across the network
  • Therefore, no foreign private enterprises are allowed to engage in the business of postal communication and express delivery of documents
  • I . domestic express delivery service is speedy . it takes only half a day to deliver within all major commercial service areas
  • Learning vocabulary to do with the postal service : sending a parcel, express delivery, registered mail, metered mail, stamp collecting
  • Air mail charges are divided into two zones worldwide . express delivery service is also provided to worldwide destinations through the post office s speedpost
  • Now express delivery companies use it to track planes and trucks.
  • Express delivery companies use the system to track plane and truck fleets.
  • They happen upon the Global Express delivery truck at a gas station.
  • FedEx Corp . is extending package pickup times for customers wanting express deliveries.
  • An independent auditor measures the express delivery performance of all international EMS operators.
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