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express delivery meaning

express delivery'meaning
  • Sent it to our maintenance center by post office or convenient store s express delivery service
  • In the area of express delivery, private sector service excels public one in all dimensions
  • A fast and reliable service for important shipments that do not require express delivery . delivery
  • Fedex, which main business is to send package, mails, freight by express delivery
  • 4 the direct dialing telephones and express delivery can reach to any part side and outside the country
  • I want to join in an express company, the prospect that makes express delivery now excuse me how ah
  • Providing express delivery not only offers good service to customers, but also increases the revenues
  • Other organs, enterprises or individuals may not engage in the business of express delivery of documents in china
  • Ups will also provide express delivery services to all venues nominated by bocog for the duration of the games
  • Visitors can have stone tables, stone chairs, and other items made to order and there s an express delivery service to your door
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