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epoxy glue meaning

epoxy glue'meaning
  • Cyanoacrylate ( " Superglue " ) glues are pretty strong on non-porous materials, though, with epoxy glues being good on a wide range of materials including porous materials.
  • The " locator chip " was shown to be equally fake; one example put on display by the FBI contained dead ants that had been frozen and stuck onto paper with epoxy glue.
  • Instead, workers using epoxy glued thin sheets of the carbon fiber to the girders of the 200-foot ( 60-meter ) span and then coated the sheets with an additional layer of epoxy.
  • On July 10, 2007, after a lengthy investigation, the National Transportation Safety Board found that epoxy glue used to hold the roof in place during construction was not appropriate for long-term bonding.
  • It sounds like the warning you'd see on containers of paint thinner or epoxy glue, but for nearly a year it has been right there on the side of every tube of fluoride toothpaste made in America.
  • The combination of fiberglass tape and epoxy glue results in a composite material providing an extremely strong joint, something close to 8-10 times the strength of fastenings and timber framing that might have been used in more conventional plywood construction.
  • He had clasped one set to his own left wrist and attached it to a second set that he had reinforced with a padlock and epoxy glue, guaranteeing that it would have been extremely difficult to unlock had it been snapped shut on the archbishop's wrist, the police said.
  • :: If you're quite sure that you just want to lengthen the arm, then I'd recommend a fast-cure two-part epoxy glue-but realize that you'll have to leave the door open for quite some time to give it time to set.
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