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emaciate meaning

  • The sight of an emaciated Barry White would scar me for life,
  • Days later, his emaciated body is discovered tied to a tree.
  • He has suffered hardships and illnesses, as his emaciated face demonstrates.
  • Some she found emaciated and stabbed with steel spiked rods.
  • People are not emaciated, and goats and donkeys are still healthy.
  • For one thing, the prisoners are far from emaciated.
  • Sauve recognized the emaciated iguana's markings and scars.
  • Photographs depict emaciated corpses, or victims with faces burned or battered.
  • TV stations showed pictures of the emaciated bull hobbling from an injury.
  • Maxim and his younger sister were emaciated and barely able to talk.
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