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emaciate meaning

  • Hungry joe was a jumpy, emaciated wretch with a fleshless face of dingy skin and bone
  • She then cried loudly and made a big fuss, refusing to eat or drink . very soon, she became emaciated and fell ill
  • Evidence of disease could indicate an abnormal, perhaps emaciated appearance.
  • Tourist guide Carlos Aguiar recalls losing 40 pounds and looking emaciated.
  • The pediatric ward already was tending to emaciated children from Afghanistan.
  • Victims become feverish and lose their appetites, eventually becoming emaciated.
  • At the meeting, Lempke finds Billy emaciated and near death.
  • They found him finally in a cave, sick and emaciated.
  • The thirteen Jews, though emaciated and weak, were free.
  • While being somewhat scrappy and emaciated, she is nearly unkillable.
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