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delivery points meaning

delivery points'meaning
  • Nymex's proposed two contracts would use two active U . S . western trading hubs as delivery points.
  • The plan faces opposition from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, which wants Toledo to remain as a delivery point.
  • The proposed contract would limit grain delivery to 34 delivery points along the northern Illinois River between Pekin and Chicago.
  • The CFTC said it received more than 500 letters about the plan, which drops Toledo as a delivery point.
  • The organization is now assessing whether relief workers can go to Aweil to set up delivery points and receive supplies.
  • While the ZIP code for Newington is 22122, this is only for delivery points within the post office itself.
  • The full rules for identifying the delivery point for a given address are specified in the USPS CASS Technical Guide.
  • The program also trains engineers to manage and ensure safe and effective use of technology in health care delivery points.
  • The chemicals are stored near the delivery point, and thus were ignited by a stray spark from the welding.
  • The plan drops Toledo as a delivery point, which has triggered opposition from politicians, farmers and commercial grain merchants.
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