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delivery points meaning

delivery points'meaning
  • Farmers, grain merchants and exporters contend that closing the Toledo delivery point will harm eastern growing regions.
  • Kaptur applauded the decision to keep Toledo as a soybean delivery point that will save 120 fulltime jobs.
  • The USPS publishes the rules for calculating the delivery point in a document called the CASS Technical Guide.
  • The site currently serves as one of two final assembly and delivery points for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
  • From the above barge delivery points, the materials are then hauled by truck to the construction site.
  • The community was established in 1947 as a delivery point for construction materials for construction of McNary Dam.
  • The site will serve as one of four final assembly and delivery points for the Airbus A320 family.
  • There was talk that cash basis levels at some delivery points fell as much as 7 cents a bushel.
  • El Paso Pipeline withheld extremely large amounts of capacity that it could have flowed to its California delivery points,
  • It is the pricing and delivery point for the ICE Futures Europe ( IntercontinentalExchange ) natural gas futures contract.
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