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delivery points meaning

delivery points'meaning
  • Main delivery points include Jobcentres, schools and community centres.
  • That nets to a typical distance of about between delivery point and bat.
  • New delivery points dedicated to Cdiscount are being built in the Casino stores.
  • The other contract would use the California-Oregon border as a delivery point.
  • Dropping Toledo as a delivery point has ignited criticism also from grain elevator operators.
  • Delivery points should rely on river, rail and lake transportation, they say.
  • Customers who send bulk mail can get a digits representing the exact delivery point.
  • This is usually referred to as the DPBC, or Delivery Point Bar Code.
  • Delivery points should rely on water, rail, and lake transportation, they say.
  • Supposedly haunted, this ramshackle building was a delivery point for liquor smugglers during Prohibition.
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