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daybook meaning

  • Later, after the shooting, Langston looked through Sean's things and found the boy's daybook.
  • Groggy editors and reporters at newspapers and at radio and television stations check the daybook daily before they start work.
  • The daybook is compiled to give members of the media a listing for major events each day in the city.
  • In the kingdom's lush forests, chiefs with houndstooth blazers and leather daybooks hold meetings in corn fields.
  • Perhaps because of the intensity of his new relationship, he stopped writing in his Daybooks at this same time.
  • His " Daybooks " were published in two volumes totaling more than 500 pages in the first edition.
  • In the decade 1748-58 he appears repeatedly in the daybook of the " marchand-mercier"
  • It used to be that you'd pretty much run a ranch out of the daybook in your shirt pocket.
  • Polly Kreisman, a reporter for WPIX-TV, said that was now reporting one weekly event from the daybook.
  • On the Net : GAO report : http : / / www . gao . gov / daybook / 000914 . htm
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