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cartridge clip meaning

cartridge clip'meaning
  • Initially it was planned to use " stroboscopic " instruments of the type used on the tank made by E . Grote ( TG ), but bulletproof glass of the  Simplex-triplex type, with easily removable cartridge clips, was used instead.
  • Owing to difficulties in obtaining acceptable lots of " Rifleite " smokeless powder for the cartridge, as well as cartridge clips, Winchester and UMC did not fill the initial April 1896 Navy order of 1, 000, 000 cartridges for more than a year.
  • A black Sam Browne belt, 3 " wide, with handcuff case, cartridge clip, and a swivel or swing holster carrying a . 38 caliber Colt revolver on the right side, with a shoulder strap to support the revolver and other equipment, completed the body uniform.
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