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by the dozen meaning

by the dozen's meaning
  • Companies in California and North Carolina are churning them out by the dozens.
  • Letters and faxes supporting Lavin arrived in Dalis'office by the dozen.
  • Niyazov alphabet charts for children are sold by the dozens in every store.
  • Dining parlors beckon by the dozens along Interstate 10.
  • By January, local boat yards may be making them by the dozen.
  • By the dozens, bodies, or pieces of bodies, horribly mutilated.
  • Visitors began turning up uninvited at Finca Vigia, sometimes by the dozen.
  • Outside Kensington Palace, the bouquets now just trickle in by the dozen.
  • Steve Martin's comedy " Cheaper by the Dozen,"
  • "Cheaper by the Dozen, " $ 6 . 6 million
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