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by character

by character'meaning
  • The wahhabite - purist strain in islam , born , bred , and nurtured in the arabian peninsula , was by character a formidable foe of judaism ( and christianity ) , both of which it claimed to replace in the field of monotheistic faiths
  • Taking wavelet domain as transform domain , our method can deal with multi - kind watermark such as string and logo . consulting the idea of the second watermark technique , we divide wavelet domain coefficients by characters of image to decide the embedding regions and intension
  • It extracts the document ’ s chinese pinyin , makes planar document three - dimensional by chinese pinyin , inserts the watermark information into the solid document by characters ’ extending , and extracts the watermarks of each layer which verify each other in the end
  • In the existing keyboard input methods , some are input by character or word , some are by phrase or sentence . all these input methods are not very intellectual , to heighten the intelligence of the input method , the chinese intelligent input method based on grammar and semantics is designed
  • Similarly , you can use client script to check keyboard entry in a text box character by character , change the appearance of the page dynamically , or perform any other task that is primarily oriented to the user interface and that requires immediate response
    同样,可以使用客户端脚本执行以下三项操作:一是逐字符检查文本框中的键盘输入;二是动态更改页面外观;三是执行主要面向用户界面( ui )的任何其他任务和要求立即响应的任务。
  • The simultaneous transmission or processing the individual parts of a whole , such as the bits of a character or the characters of a word . when characters are dealt with simultaneously ( not one after another ) , the transmission is serial by character and parallel by bit
  • About ten or a dozen years ago , before her marriage , she had spent a considerable time in that very part of derbyshire to which he belonged . they had , therefore , many acquaintance in common ; and , though wickham had been little there since the death of darcy s father , five years before , it was yet in his power to give her fresher intelligence of her former friends , than she had been in the way of procuring . mrs . gardiner had seen pemberley , and known the late mr . darcy by character perfectly well
  • Finally , develop a mechanism emulating software based on above analysis and compute . using this software to analyze and compute the study content , you can design the mechanism by characters . and the soft can show the position and pose based on inverse solving and positive solving , and produce layout data , and emulate all kinds of movements this mechanism can do
  • It adopt an algorithm called binary - seek by character in the word rough segmentation . it also designs some efficient strategies to deal with the ambiguities and the unknown words , especially for combinational ambiguity , it designs a new disambiguated algorithm in case - learning method based on the structured similarity of the chinese sentences
  • Just like that we enjoy the chinese characters and arabic numbers , we not only enjoy the beautiful drawing of hieroglyph , beautiful line of “ knotting cords to record events ” , but also enjoy the representation and abundant meaning demonstrated by characters and numbers … furthermore the rhythm beauty demonstrated by quality logic and quantity logic
    正如我们欣赏中文的文字和阿拉伯数字那样,不仅可以欣赏到“象形文字”的图画美, “结绳记事”的线条美,还可以欣赏到文字和数字所表现的事物的具象以及他们丰富的内涵… …还有定性的逻辑和定量的逻辑所呈现的旋律美
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