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breech birth meaning

breech birth'meaning
  • For the rest of class, I sat around listening to tales of breech births and exploding placentas and staring at some really dirty pictures and watching the sort of film I had not seen since sex-education class in the fifth grade.
  • The majority of breech babies born in the United States and the UK are delivered by caesarean section as studies have shown increased risks of morbidity and mortality for vaginal breech delivery, and most obstetricians counsel against planned vaginal breech birth for this reason.
  • There are moments of shocking brutality in " Plainsong " _ the brutality of life on a farm ( the death of a horse, the breech birth of a calf ) and the brutality of people being cruel or callous to one another.
  • "Overall, with a policy of planned Caesarean section, for every additional 14 Caesarean sections done, one baby will avoid death or serious ( damage ), " the study said, adding that vaginal birth should no longer be encouraged in breech births.
  • David Ballenger arrived by breech birth in Fresno, Calif ., on July 25, 1953 _ the middle child of parents who gave each of their children names that began with " D " : the eldest, Daniel; David; and Diane, the baby.
  • There are a few noble attempts to keep their desire at bay _ she accompanies him to attend a breech birth; he insists during emotional moments that this connection is all they can ever have _ but within a few weeks they are wildly in love, or in something.
  • Of the two, Victoria was the dominant one in the relationship . and their eldest son, Wilhelm, suffered from a withered arm & mdash; probably due to his difficult and dangerous breech birth, although it could have also resulted from a mild case of cerebral palsy.
  • After accompanying Haskell on his medical rounds and watching him conduct a breech birth, she begins a passionate affair with him that culminates in a lurid scene in which his wife spies them through a telescope as they make love on the altar of a deconsecrated chapel in the Biddefords'summer cottage, which was once a convent.
  • A study published in the February 13, 2007 issue of the " Canadian Medical Association Journal " found that between 1991 and 2005, women who had scheduled cesarean sections for breech birth had a 2 . 7 % rate of severe morbidity, compared with 0 . 9 % for women who had planned vaginal deliveries.
  • From the one-season disaster of the Pilots, through the litigation-induced breech birth of the Mariners, through the succession of misguided ownerships, paralyzed managements, inept field managers, incomprehensible trades and Class AAA players drawing major league salaries, it is farcically fitting that the fate of the sport comes down to Tuesday's cruel little irony.
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