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  • Under cepa , hong kong banks will be allowed to open a branch on the mainland if they have total assets of us $ 6 billion or more , significantly lower than the entrance requirement under wto commitments
    根据cepa ,资产规模在60亿美元或以上的香港银行将可在内地开设分行,其进入要求大大低于中国的入世承诺。
  • On may 23 , 1998 , the dreams of hong kong initiates were realized when the sm celestial clothing and jewelry store opened a new branch on this island territory , with the blessings of master and through the cooperation of her disciples
    在师父的加持及同修的合作下, s . m .天衣天饰分店在一九九八年五月二十三日于香港开幕,实现了同修的心愿。
  • Boc guangzhou branch and zhuhai central subbranch signed an agreement with boc macau branch on august 3rd to transfer the administration of macau ' s personal rmb account - clearing business with the mainland china to zhuhai
  • The differences of the value standards lead to the different safeguards among different law branches , thus we should endeavor to coordinating the functions of the law branches on the premise of admitting the above differences
  • Whereas modern apes exhibit a rich repertoire of locomotory modes ? from the highly acrobatic brachiation employed by the arboreal gibbon to the gorilla ' s terrestrial knuckle walking ? early miocene apes were obliged to travel along tree branches on all fours
  • Recently , zhaojibinhas stated that , “ in 2007 china railcom will mainly evaluate its various branches on their rate of return on capital , profit margin , labor productivity and utilization of equipments with the goal to ensure the value and increasing in value of national assets
    近日,赵吉斌表示, “中国铁通2007年对各分公司的考核重点将突出资产收益率、收入利润率、劳动生产率和设备利用率,下大力气确保国有资产的保值、增值。 ”
  • Hong kong s banks were among the first to open branches on the mainland , especially in the southern cities : they know china well , speak the language , have extensive branch networks , and maintain strong relationships , some of which have grown up over more than a generation
  • These results indicate that the alteration of cell proliferation and dna synthesis caused by different gnt - v cdna transfection may at least partly result from the modification of n - glycan structure and function of egfr . it seems that the increased 1 , 6 glcnac branch on the n - glycans of egfr may benefit to its binding with egf and the resulting tyrosine auto - phosphorylatio n , while the decrease of this branch may prevent these processes
    用特异性抗体结合westemblot结果发现,正义或反义gnt一vcdna的转染并不引起pkb 、 p44 / 42mapk和mek蛋白质表达的变化,而gntv一s / h ” 21细胞pkbt308 、 5473位点磷酸化和免疫沉淀pkb的酪氨酸磷酸化以及以gsk召a /日磷酸化为指标的pkb的活性都较mock细胞增加, gntv一as / h7721细胞中这些指标的变化则相反。
  • Therefore , the structural modification of n - glycan and the functional changes of egf receptor ( egfr ) in different transfected cells were investigated . it was found that the 1 , 6 glcnac branch on the n - glycans of immuno - precipitated egfr on gntv - s / h7721 cells was increased while it was reduced in gntv - as / h7721 cell despite the unaltered expression of egfr protein
    因此本文对不同转染细胞egf受体( egfr )的糖链结构及功能的改变作进一步研究,结果发现,不同转染细胞中,免疫沉淀egfr的蛋白量没有改变,但gntv - s h7721细胞egfr上n -糖链中1 , 6glcnac分支比mock细胞增多,而gntv - as h7721细胞相反。
  • How to get these 20 % customers are important things of bank marketing . this article presents a case study of the sales failure of construction bank of china chengdu high - tech area branch on guanghua logistics corporation , analyzes the internal reasons and suggests the improvements of the sales strategy
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