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aesthetic meaning

  • He had been stimulated by one of the principal questions of musical aesthetics.
  • The static, aesthetic searchings of the cubists were quite alien to them.
  • The field of aesthetics presents an especially difficult problem to the historian.
  • One 's appreciation of literature depends on one 's level of aesthetic knowledge.
  • He was feasting his love of beauty at this table where eating was an aesthetic function.
  • These costs may be counterbalanced by the advantages of simplified fabrication, erection, and added aesthetics.
  • In his view the primacy of the ethical over the aesthetic mode was necessary to restore the balance.
  • A major whose aesthetic sense exceeded his judgement decided to have the canisters painted white.
  • The new aesthetic forms were thenceforward written off as typical aberrations of late capitalism society.
  • Ai qing's aesthetic theory of prose in verse revisited
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