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accelerate meaning

  • Conditions that are correlated with accelerated deposition include drainage area, gully development, and texture of source material.
  • When the velocity of a moving body changes continuously as the motion proceeds, the body is said to move with accelerated motion.
  • The excess energy goes into creating and accelerating a high-speed solar wind that emanates primarily from the regions of the holes.
  • if  continues to increase at an accelerating rate, it is certain that ecological effects must occur at some time.
  • The friendly banter indicated that with the peace in vietnam signed, china could accelerate its move toward us without embarrassment.
  • Warming seems to be accelerating somewhat
  • Real coding based accelerating genetic algorithm
  • Sometimes the process accelerates as in my case
  • Control about the direction that the key to accelerate
  • The preconditioned accelerate the convergence of 2ppj method
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