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accelerate meaning

  • Losses of ca and mg are accelerated by fertilizers which supply nitrate, sulphate and chloride.
  • The range in which financial skill can accelerate the growth process will differ from situation to situation.
  • Planning for his trip to beijing accelerated and soon submerged other considerations.
  • The j x b force shoots the plasma out of the rocket, and the ensuing reaction force accelerates the rocket.
  • Hydroperoxide decomposition into radicals is accelerated by various catalysts, notable the transition metals.
  • If the drug accelerates heart rate without improving coronary perfusion, myocardial ischemia will be even more pronounced.
  • At the other extreme, a star whose mass is too great will become so hot as a result of accelerated nuclear reaction.
  • For him to concede that his ability to govern had been impaired would accelerate the assault on his presidency.
  • Once the machine started skidding they accelerated its descent over the precipice rather than braked it in time.
  • The arsenite reactions can be variously accelerated by the addition of aliphatic acids and hydroxy-substituted aliphatic acids.
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