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accelerate meaning

  • The kremlin needed an excuse to accelerate the pressures it was exerting on india.
  • It is frequently accelerated by the presence of an active environment and by triaxial stress.
  • Or your reference frame is at rest in an aircraft that accelerates rapidly on takeoff.
  • In order to catch up with and surpass the advanced world levels we 'll have to accelerate our speed.
  • A person who lives at the equator is in accelerated motion due to the earth's rotation.
  • Stream and river control works may have a serious local influence on accelerating channel erosion.
  • Thus the economy would have completed the first round of an upward spiral of accelerating growth.
  • It would legitimatize renewal by the soviet union and therefore accelerate the nuclear arms race.
  • Pulses of radiation are emitted when free electrons in the gas are accelerated by passing ions.
  • Wondering why the idea hadn't occurred to him sooner, he decided to seek accelerated promotion.
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