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accelerant meaning

  • Ethylene thiourea is an excellent and proven accelerant of vulcanization of neoprene and polychloroprene rubbers.
  • Though the fire has been deemed suspicious, investigators have found no evidence of accelerant.
  • Despite this, no conclusive proof has been found to identify the type of accelerant used.
  • Beside him was a white container that officials believe held the accelerant that spread the blaze.
  • There was either a delay in calling the Fire Department or possibly an accelerant was used.
  • Investigators said an accelerant _ ` perhaps gasoline'_ had been poured on the bodies.
  • These game could be an accelerant.
  • This was taken as evidence that accelerant was poured by Willingham as he left the house.
  • Houston Fire Department officials stated that they discovered an accelerant that was used in the fire.
  • Two buildings were set on fire with what Carman described as a homebrew high-temperature accelerant.
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