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accelerant meaning

  • At the same time, phase-transition accelerant mechanism of zinc titanate in the product act to rutile nanometer tio2 powder is discussed
  • The promotion action of ionic liquid as an accelerant in synthesizing benzaldehyde ethanediol acetal and benzaldehyde propanediol acetal was studied
  • Fire investigation dogs, sasha and dexter, have been initially trained for the detection of hydrocarbon accelerant in birmingham, uk in 2006
  • Lab tests to confirm that an accelerant was used were pending.
  • They poured an accelerant on her and set her afire,
  • Investigators refuse to identify the accelerant or provide other details.
  • He said he was surprised when the accelerant was produced.
  • I think digital technology will be an accelerant for diversity.
  • The great accelerant in this cultural crackup has been technology.
  • Some brands of charcoal briquettes are designed to start without an accelerant.
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