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3d display

3d display'meaning
  • The 3d radar display system described in this paper is a part of the hf radar simulation platform , which provides the function of 3d display for the simulation platform
  • 8 . we accomplish an applicable digital photogrammetry system including dem acquisition , ortho image generation , stereo mapping , 3d display and other functions and present the experiment results
  • 3d display system can be applied to many wide - ranging field , such as : industry , business , medicine , architecture and art etc . especially , it is very important to military application
  • The main purpose of this paper is to study three - dimensional radiation treatment , to optimise 3d display , to create a management information system for radiation treatment , and to simulate a virtual machine for designing treatment plans
    本文从可视化角度出发,以放射治疗为对象,对放射治疗数据管理系统、 ct mri pet图象的识别及三维图象重建、虚拟放射治疗仪等内容进行了深入研究。
  • This display system overcomes the shortcoming of the existing radar platform in 3d display . the testing results with the platform prove that the stability and the performance of the 3d display system can meet the demands
  • Based on the 3d display principle and some key technology of 3d scene using 3d graphic language - opengl , the 3d terrain and objects on the earth ' s surface visualization is studied . a method on establishing the complex objects by the modeling tool - 3dmax is proposed and implemented
  • Meanwhile , in order to satisfy various requirements of research , teaching and verification , the system provide all kinds of modes of 3d display , for example , the range - velocity display mode , the range - direction display mode , the velocity - direction display mode , single / multiple targets ’ track display mode , single / multiple graph display mode , clutter - hidden display mode , single / multiple group data display mode and so on
  • In this paper the latter is discussed in detail . firstly , this paper analyzes and compares the different 3d display techniques synthetically and the control architecture of static volume display system is built . then this paper discusses how to choose the image space material and the voxel activation process and optical layout of such a system
  • Innovation of the aero maintenance system based on augmented reality ( ar ) technology and eye tracking technology , which can give real - time instruction for maintenance , is vital for enhancing the accuracy of maintenance and reducing the cost of maintenance . in the paper , the study work include 3 sections , as following : firstly , deducing 3d registration algorithm based on markers , depicting the display and 3d display technologies of artificial matters , and realizing 3d registration function specifically ; secondly , establishing an eye - movement measurement system based on the infrared television method , making use of the thoughts of ranks superimposition to withdraw the pupil center coordinates , and giving the thaught of recombining the position relation of purkinje spot to determine the eye sight direction primarily ; finally , describing the basic theory of augmented reality maintenance guiding system in detail , and introducing the software function and hardware frame , which will provide the foundation for the further study of this system
    本文的研究工作主要包括以下三个部分:首先,改进了有标志点的三维注册算法,并具体实现了三维注册功能,最后试验验证了注册算法的正确性,为将来基于无标志点的发动机维修诱导系统的研究提供基础和实践经验;其次,描述了基于红外电视法的视线跟踪系统的基本原理,对眼动信号处理技术做了初步的研究,即利用了行、列叠加的思想提取了瞳孔中心坐标和普尔钦( purkinje )斑点的坐标,阐述了结合瞳孔中心与普尔钦( purkinje )斑点的位置关系进行初步判定视线方向的方法;最后,详细描述了所构建的增强现实维修诱导系统的基本原理、软硬件框架,为今后维修诱导系统的深入研制提供基础。
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