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字长's translation
  • Considering the bottleneck caused by the existing conflicts detecting algorithm , the instance addresses a new algorithm for detecting rule set conflicts based on the intersection of a field . the algorithm can efficiently help administrators find out rule
    该算法不仅能找出与新规则相冲突的所有规则,且时间复杂度降为o ( ? n + n / w ) ( w为机器字长) ,效率大为提高。
  • This article deals with the method to determine the guard digit in the left normatlization of float point number in the analysis and design of computer system , and briefly introduces its application in practice
  • In the case of one cpu running under linux or nt , it is possible for multiple programs to share the cpu s resources , but all things being equal - like word size and disk access speed - no program processes any faster than it would under ms dos
    在一个cpu运行于linux或nt的情况下,多个程序共享cpu资源是可能的,但如果在所有条件都相同的情况下如字长和磁盘访问速度等其程序处理的速度不会比在ms dos下更快。
  • The risc mcu core is based on harvard architecture with 14 - bit instruction length and 8 - bit data length and two - level instruction pipeline the performance of the risc mcu has been improved by replacing micro - program with direct logic block
  • Fir filter is designed with matlab / dsp builder in the following sequence , design specification , coefficient calculation , structure realization , quantification test and word length as well . the realization figure and simulation waveform are so presented
    论文还对fir滤波器的设计规范、系数计算、实现结构、量化系数验证、字长选择等进行了阐述,并应用matlab / dspbuilder技术对fir进行了硬件设计,给出了实现框图及该滤波器设计的仿真波形。
  • In practical application , due to the parameter accuracy of two point temperature correction is limited by readout circuit noise 、 dynamic range 、 analogue to digital converter word length and calculating noise , the performance of focal plane array detector is not the performance it should be
  • The matlab language and c language were applied to simulate the fixed - point dsp arithmetic of equalizer algorithm . the simulation result indicated the diveragence phenomenon would happen to adfe ( adaptive decision feedback equalizer ) based on rls algorithm under the fixed - point finite - precision arithmetic
    采用matlab和c语言模拟均衡器定点dsp算法的实现,仿真结果表明rls算法的自适应判决反馈均衡器( adfe )在定点有限字长运算的情况下存在着发散现象。
  • An ideal system can be implemented in different but equivlent realizations theoretically , however , due to the finite word length ( fwl ) effects resulting from actual devices , modules or subsystems , the system performance will always deviate from the ideal performance in practice
  • In chapter 4 we discuss the design of the high speed and high performance vlsi and its imp1ementation , firstly we ana1yze and compare the features and ru1es of al1 kinds of fft algorithm , adopt complex radix 4 butterfly calcu1ation as basic alu , then discuss all kinds of process architectures , the design thoughts , rule , method , technique way , the characteristics of the design are r4 dit algorithm , pingpong ram design method and pipeline structure between stages . we also analyze the limited word length effect and the method to avoid overflow of the fixed points fft process , bring out the expandable platform mode
  • Is the eth residue of p . since the number of quadratic residue mod p is , we can guess the number of eth residue mod p is 2 ^ , and then prove this property . on the basis of eth residue , we construct a type of eth residue code of length p which is an odd prime , and extend some properties of quadratic residue codes . alsi ) we construct a cubic residue code over f % of length 31 and a 4th residue code over fs of length 13 . according to the properties of the bounds of bch codes , we determine the minimal distance of [ 31 , 21 ] code is 5 , which means this code ; can correct two errors
    由模p的二次剩余个数为个,可猜测模p的e次剩余的个数为个,本文给出了该性质的证明。在e次剩余的基础上,本文构造了一类字长p为奇素数的e次剩余码,讨论了它的性质,从而推广了二次剩余码的一些结果。利用所导出的理论结果,我们构造了长为31的二元三次剩余码和长为13的三元四次剩余码,利用bch码上下界的性质,进一步确定了31 , 21码的极小距离为5 ,它可以纠正两个错误。
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