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企业与企业's translation
  • The electronic commerce is an on - line marketing model of the internet , and more important , it symbolizes the revolution of service process among the enterprises , between the enterprises , between the enterprises and the tourists , the enterprises and the administration departments
  • Pdm integrate and manage all information of product lifecycle from design to production and production to user . it is also an integration tool connecting different departments , different areas and guarantees the cooperation between corporations
    产品数据管理系统( pdm )集成和管理一个产品从设计、生产到用户的整个产品生命周期中的所有信息, pdm也是一个连接不同部门、不同地区,保证企业各部门之间、企业与企业之间有效协作的集成工具。
  • Then describes how organizations and their leaders increase their competitive edge by developing those proactive skills such as knowledge management , culture shaping , team building , vision sharing , organization learning , human ( or intelligence ) capital and leadership
  • The first one is about the problems exist in listed companies " information publishing . the second part thoroughly discusses the analysis of accounting information , and it is from three major aspects , such as the supplier and user of accounting statement , the companies and companies , the supervisory deputy and companies . the third part focuses on the research of strategies , it mainly starts from the second part analysis by game theory , extending the discussion from the aspects of perfecting company management structure , setting up relative incentive and restrained system , and enhancing the supervision of media
  • Following the high - speed development of the information technology , the competition between enterprises is becoming fiercer and competitive methods are more complicated . although it is not long since electronic commerce came into birth , ec has developed quickly and already received governments and business enterprise ' s extensive attention and participation , which quickly and remarkably changes various kinds of traditional trade content and form of activities that people had accustomed to for a long time
    伴随着信息技术的高速发展,企业与企业之间的竞争日趋激烈,竞争手段日趋复杂,电子商务( ec )从产生到现在虽然时间不长,但是发展迅速,已经受到世界政府和各业务领域以及厂商企业的广泛重视和积极参与,并正以越来越快的速度显著地改变着人们长期以来习以为常的各种传统贸易活动的内容和形式。
  • Not seek - profit medi - organization " s bringing is away from dividing the work of society and development of company . it is a series amalgamation of bargain - connection . it is a especial market - organization form for harmonizing the relation among government to company , company to company , company to public
  • Under high tense market competition environment , how a company deals with the consuming lever increasing , market share re - divided , and the political , economical , culture and social dramatic changing become a problem now . company has to focus on its own organization structure and working process and adopt bpr idea to reengineer itself for keeping competition advantage and improving the core competition force
  • With the introduction of supply chain management , the focus of competition has migrated from the traditional enterprise level to the supply chain level . the systematic integration of all supply chain members and the cost reduction benefit all enterprises involved and improve their competence . in china , the adaptation of supply chain management will have a long - term impact on manufacturing enterprise collaboration , maintaining cost advantage and shortening time - to - market
  • The company + farmer as a developmental model of the industry integration is loose and lagged , and will be replaced by the developmental model of the agribusiness supply chain , especially the supply chain which core enterprise is market - driven agribusiness . after all , the future competition in market will be that not between companies but supply chains
  • The arrangement of this following is following : firstly it expatiates basic view of world that underlies my economic thoughts and research methods ; then i ' ve represented theoretical framework of neoclassical theories , transaction cost , contract theory , specialization theory , uncertainty theory and other conceptions and analysis related to firm and its growth in relevant paradigm of research
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