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一丝不苟的's translation
  • Passepartout had been a sort of vagrant in his early years , and now yearned for repose ; but so far he had failed to find it , though he had already served in ten english houses
  • Is indeed a powerful film , not for its demille - ish spectacles but for the intense drama of greek - tragedy proportions and the remarkable performances by the leads . this print is a condensed version of the two - part original
  • In editing practice of supplements , xiao qian widely made friends with writers and helped new writers , which reflected his earnest dedication , his editing attitude of treating everyone equally without discrimination and his contributing moral character
  • Aren and teresa have won the trust and respect of the chinese dairy farmers in a very short time . it is not only because they were devoted to work whole - heartedly but also because they rendered sincere help to the chinese dairy farmers
  • We are respected for our professional experience and outstanding distributing achievement , admired for the perfect product quality , circumspect after - sale service and steady operation ability . we ' re not satisfied with the honors and will do our best in the future
  • The enterprises adhere to the quality of survival , the credibility of the development of principles , and adhere to conscientiously , meticulous professionalism , adherence to the " warm , sincere , courteous and thoughtful and timely " approach , and your expectations , work together to create brilliant
  • And keep the project title that i examined at that time , with being tattooed with a cutting edge paragraph that all participation is judged in memory printing on a piece of paper , let 6 , 7 schoolmates choose according to self speciality 5 - 6 being in progress judge examine , require that everybody brings forward self positive and negative to every project strictly
    记得当时,我和段文锋把所有参与评审的项目标题打印在一张纸上,让6 、 7个同学根据自己的特长选择5 - 6个进行评审,并且严格要求大家对每个项目提出自己正反意见,不能只用好或坏来敷衍,因为我们深知,俱乐部形象的树立需要平时一丝不苟的点滴积累,对其他俱乐部负责就是对我们自己负责。
  • It was perceived , too , that while hester never put forward even the humblest title to share in the world s privileges - further than to breathe the common air , and earn daily bread for little pearl and herself by the faithful labour of her hands - she was quick to acknowledge her sisterhood with the race of man , whenever benefits were to be conferred
  • Bc company owns advanced design and the best process , the best quality auto digital production line and imported inspection equipment . we have meticulous management by expert and have good team work from employees , in order to provide customers with high quality spherical roller bearings
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