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quantitatively measure in Chinese

How to pronounce "quantitatively measure""quantitatively measure" in a sentence
  • 定量测量
  • There are a lot of methods to quantitatively measure this data , but all need specific instruments
  • Standard test method for quantitatively measuring the effect of thermal shock and thermal cycling on refractories
  • Therefore , ecological risk assessment ( era ) is used to predict ecological domino effects triggered by contamination of the soils , and quantitatively measure magnitude and probability of risks
  • The changes of the expression of gfp in biu - 87 cell that induced by the aconitine and hab toxins , gtx were detected with fluorescence microscope , and quantitatively measured with image - pro plus software
    经诱导,抗性细胞发出较强的绿色荧光,表明重组质粒pegfp - c - fos在biu - 87细胞中成功表达。
  • How to use a monitoring instrument to quantitatively measure a complete team , identify its star performers and use this team analysis to determine what areas the team could be coached on at one time
  • This program is launched to solve a fundamental issue existed : the direct factor influencing the optical transmission - variation of refraction index of the media in flow - field , in other words , to use ground simulation equipment or facilities to investigate the ao effects when qualitatively visualizing and quantitatively measuring the interaction of high - temperature , turbulent or shock wave flow - field with optical beam propagating through them , so that technology support can be provided for the high - speed interceptor development
  • To quantitatively measure the each cytokine levels from the spleens obtained before or after immunized mice , the total rna were extracted and generated into cdna by rt reaction . the native cdna was subjected into a competitive pcr reaction with a competitor that is a slightly larger in size
    为了对免疫前后小鼠脾脏表达的细胞因子的水平进行定量检测,提取小鼠脾脏组织总rna ,经rt反应得到cdna ,利用一种修饰的竞争模板进行竞争pcr扩增,在琼脂糖凝胶电泳分析并与竞争模板产物比较而定量。
  • This paper uses methods of mathematical statistics to quantitatively measure the concentration and dispersion degree of spatial pattern and evaluate the convenience degree of spatial connection of wuhan in deviation ratio , compactness ratio , dispersion ratio , radial shape index and transportation distance
  • Follow as joining the wto and developing of finance market , china ’ s financial institution will need to upgrade the ability of quantitatively measuring and managing the credit risk urgently . the author hopes that this paper ’ s research on the structural models of credit risk can give some consultation to chinese financial institution to defend and manage the credit risk . so this paper deeply reviews the method of modeling the structural model of credit risk , than does an empirical study in china based on the leland - toft models , it is a
    因此,本文对信用风险结构模型的建模方法进行了深入的考察,并将leland - toft模型应用于我国的实证研究,进行了有益的探索,本文的研究成果和创新工作主要表现在以下三个方面:第一,本文比较全面系统的阐述了merton模型, longstaff - schwartz模型和leland - toft模型三个最具代表性的信用风险结构模型的构建思路,对这三个模型的区别和特点进行了深入的考察,并给出各模型计算预期违约率的数学公式和方法。
  • In practice , core calibration logging technology is used to establish the logging interpretation model of low resistance reservoir , to quantitatively measure some geological parameters of the reservoir , such as porosity , saturation and permeability , and to combine the core physical experiment , geological composite logging , production test data with multiple well logging data , with the qualitative logging interpretation and the quantitative logging interpretation , so as to deepen the geological understanding on the low resistance reservoir and improve the logging interpretation accuracy
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