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wish sound

pronunciation:[ wiʃ ]  
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  • wish 's definition:the particular preference that you have; "it was his last wish"; "they should respect the wishes of the people"
  • wish in Chinesevt.1.希望,但愿〔以略去 that 的从句作宾语〕。 I wish (that) it would rain. 我希望会下雨(就好了)。 I wish I were a bird! 我要是一只鸟那多好。 I wish you would come and help us. 你能来帮助我们就好了。 I wish it may not prove a failure. 这事不要失败才好〔反面有 I am afraid it will 的意思〕。 I wish I may live to see it. 但愿我能活着看到它(就好了)。 It is to be wished that ...希望…。2.切望,盼望〔下接宾语和表语〕。 wish sb. away 盼望某人走掉。 wish sb. happy 盼望某人幸福。 wish sb. further [at the devil] 〔俚语〕希望某人快快滚蛋。 wish oneself at home 心想还是呆在家里的好〔出来后后悔〕。3.想,要〔后接不定式 to do〕。 I wish to go. 我想去。 I wish to see you. 我想见到你。4.希望看到…;希望别人做到…。 I wish you to do it. 希望你做这件事。 What do you wish me to do 你要我怎么做呢? I wish it (to be) finished. 希望把它做完。 Don't tell her anything you wish (to be) forgotten. 你希望忘掉的事情不可以告诉她。5.〔罕用语〕需要〔下接单一宾语(尤其是代词)〕。 Which do you wish 你要哪一个? 6. 祝,祝愿〔下接两个宾语〕。 I heartily wish you success. 我衷心祝您成功。 I wish you a happy New Year. 恭贺新禧。 I wish you joy. 愿你快乐。 I wish him joy of it. 〔反话〕我祝那家伙走运〔那家伙是不会有好下场的〕。 He wishes me well. 他希望我好。 He wishes nobody ill. 他不希望任何人有什么不好。7.向…致(问候等)〔下接两个宾语〕。 He wished me goodbye [farewell]. 他向我告别了。 I'll wish you good morning. 再会,明儿见。8.把(负担、不愉快的事情等)强加给 (on)。短语和例子vi.希望,想要 (for after)。 How I wish for a pair of wings! 我要是有一对翅膀多好。 The weather is all one could wish for. 天气再好没有了。 He wishes well to all men. 他希望一切人都好。n.1.愿望;祝愿;请求。2.希求的事情。短语和例子
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