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tow sound

pronunciation:[ təu ]  
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  • tow 's definition:the act of hauling something (as a vehicle) by means of a hitch or rope; "the truck gave him a tow to the garage"
  • tow in Chinese短语和例子 optically-tracked wire-guided (anti-tank missile) “陶”式反坦克导弹〔一种用纯管式发射器发射的光学跟踪有线制导反坦克导弹〕。2.take-off weight 起飞全重。vt.(人、马等沿岸)拉(纤等);(一船用绳子)拖(其他的船);用绳子牵(牛等);拖着走,拉着(孩子)走;在水面上拉(标本采集纲)。 a towed target 拖靶。 a towing airplane 拖靶飞机。n.用绳拖曳;拖绳;拖船;拖车。 a number of admirers in tow 身后跟着一大群赞赏[崇拜]他的人[影迷、戏迷等]。 have in tow=take in tow 拉纤,拖航;指导,照顾;拖带,身后跟着。n.1.【纺织;印染】落纤;短麻屑;亚麻短缆维,丝束。 纤维束。2.亚麻色头发。短语和例子
tow的發音,tow的讀音,tow怎麼讀tow sound