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torch sound

pronunciation:[ tɔ:tʃ ]  
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  • torch 's definition:a burner that mixes air and gas to produce a very hot flame
  • torch in Chinesen.火炬,火把;【机械工程】气炬,喷灯;〔英国〕手电筒;知识的光[源泉];〔美俚〕手枪。 the torch of Hymen 恋情。 the inverted torch 倒火炬,死的象征。 an electric torch 手电筒。 carry a [the] torch for 迷恋,单恋;热烈赞助。 hand on the torch 把知识[文化]的火把传给后代。
torch的發音,torch的讀音,torch怎麼讀torch sound