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think sound

pronunciation:[ θiŋk ]  
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  • think 's definition:an instance of deliberate thinking; "I need to give it a good think"
  • think in Chinesevt.(thought )1.想,思索,构思;考虑。2.想出,想起。3.认为,以为。4.猜想,想像。5.想要,打算。6.使想。7.感到。 短语和例子vi.1.想。2.想像,思索,思考,考虑 (over; about; of ;on)。3.想出,想起 (of; on)。4.企图,想要,打算 (of)。5.料想。短语和例子n.〔方、口〕思考;想法;念头。 Give it another think. 再想想吧。 Let's exchange thinks. 咱们交换交换想法。 have a hard think 苦思冥想。adj.思想(方面)的;供思考的。 a think teleplay 引人思索的电视剧。
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