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television sound

pronunciation:[ 'teliviʒən ]  
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  • television 's definition:a telecommunication system that transmits images of objects (stationary or moving) between distant points
  • television in Chinesen.电视。 black-and-white television 黑白电视。 closed-circuit [industrial] television 内部闭路[工业]电视。 colour television 彩色电视。 combat television 指挥作战用的电视。 commercial [sponsored] television 商业电视。 the two-way television 双向电视。 I won't allow Little Mary to watch television till midnight. 我不会让小玛丽看电视到午夜的。 That's the third time the varsity team appeared on television this season. 那是我们校队本季第三次在电视上出现。-al, -ary adj.
  • television in French:télévision音标:[televizjɔ̃]f.电视télévisionf.电视机;电视télévision à haute définition (tvhd)高清晰度电视近义词poste, téléviseur
television的發音,television的讀音,television怎麼讀television sound