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swamp sound

pronunciation:[ swɔmp ]  
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  • swamp 's definition:low land that is seasonally flooded; has more woody plants than a marsh and better drainage than a bog
  • swamp in Chinesen.沼泽,沼地,湿地;【矿物】煤层聚水洼。vt.陷入沼泽;淹没,使浸在水中;使(小舟)沉没,使翻掉;使吃苦头,糟蹋;使陷入困难(不得脱身)。vi.满;沉没,翻掉;吃苦头,糟蹋掉。 be swamped with (invitations) 忙于(种种应酬)。 swamp boat 浅水平底船。
  • swamp in French:swampm.树沼
swamp的發音,swamp的讀音,swamp怎麼讀swamp sound