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straighten sound

pronunciation:[ 'streitn ]  
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  • straighten 's definition:put (things or places) in order; "Tidy up your room!"
  • straighten in Chinesevt.1.弄直;矫正,纠正。2.整顿,整理。vi.变直;变正,变挺。 I've made up my mind to straighten out a very complicated subject. 我已经下决心把一个非常复杂的题目搞清楚。 I'm going to straighten up my room. 我马上整理我的房间去。 straighten one's face (笑过后)恢复正常面孔。 straighten out 弄(得到)澄清;(得到)解决。 straighten up 〔美国〕改善;正派地过日子。n.-er 矫正者;改正者;整顿者;【航空】整流器。
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