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shooter sound

pronunciation:[ 'ʃu:tə ]  
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  • shooter 's definition:a large marble used for shooting in the game of marbles
  • shooter in Chinesen.1.射手;式箭;炮手;猎者;爆破手。2.流星;火器;枪;〔美国〕手枪。短语和例子
  • shooter in French:音标:[∫ute]i v.i. 1. (足球赛中)射门2. [用作v.t.] shooter un penalty 踢罚球点球ii se shooter v. pr. [民]给自己注射毒品近义词tirer, se droguer , se piquer
shooter的發音,shooter的讀音,shooter怎麼讀shooter sound