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sentence sound

pronunciation:[ 'sentəns ]  
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  • sentence 's definition:(criminal law) a final judgment of guilty in a criminal case and the punishment that is imposed; "the conviction came as no surprise"
  • sentence in Chinesen.1. 【法律】宣判;判决。2.判刑。3.【语法】句(子)。4.【逻辑学】命题。5.【音乐】乐句。6.【生物化学】句〔构成基因的核苷酸三联密码或密码子的序列〕。7.〔古语〕名言;格言。 a sentence of death 死刑。 a dark sentence 难懂的文句。 pass sentence upon [on] sb. 对某人判刑。 serve a sentence 服刑。 under sentence of 被判决;受…宣判。vt.宣判;判决;处刑。 be sentenced to death 被判处死刑。 be sentenced for theft 因盗窃罪被判刑。
  • sentence in French:音标:[sãtãs]n.f. 判决; 宣判[旧]警句,格言近义词aphorisme, apophtegme, formule, maxime, arrêt, décision, jugement, verdict
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