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saw pronunciation

pronunciation:[ sɔ: ]  
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  • saw 's definition:a power tool for cutting wood
  • saw in Chinese:saw1see 的过去式。n.格言,谚语〔通常冠用 old 或 wise〕。n.1.锯,锯机。 2. 【动物;动物学】锯齿状器官[部分]。3.〔pl.〕 (昆虫的)产卵锯。4.〔美俚〕十元钞票。短语和例子vt.(sawed sawn)锯,锯开;锯成。vi.用锯;锯。 saw a horse's mouth 勒紧缰绳。 saw a log into boards =saw boards out of a log 把木头锯成木板。 saw crossways of the grain 横[顺]着木理锯。 saw the air with one's hands 用手左右挥动。 saw up 锯断,锯掉。 saw wood 〔美俚〕(在别人疲塌磨蹭的时候)埋头工作。
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