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rule sound

pronunciation:[ ru:l ]  
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  • rule 's definition:measuring stick consisting of a strip of wood or metal or plastic with a straight edge that is used for drawing straight lines and measuring lengths
  • rule in Chinesen.1.规则,规定;法则,定律;章程,规章;标准;(教会等的)教规,条例,教条;常例,惯例。2.统治,支配;【法律】命令;(对某一案的)裁决,裁定。3.尺,画线板;【印刷】线,线条。4.【数学】解法。5.〔the rules〕【英史】(允许囚犯交付保证金后迁往居住的)狱旁特区。短语和例子vt.统治,控制,支配;管理;规定;判定;(用尺)画线。 the ruled class 被统治阶级。 rule paper with lines 在纸上画线。 ruled paper 划线纸。 rule the roast [roost] 当领袖。 be ruled by 听从…的忠告[指导]。 rule against 不许;否决。 rule off 划线隔开,不准参加比赛。 rule out 1. (用直线)划去。2.排除在外;拒绝考虑;使…不可能。Bad weather ruled the picnic out for that day. 天气不好使那天的野餐告吹了。vi.控制,统治,支配 (over) 裁决,决定;【商业】(价格)稳定,经常。 prices ruled high 行市一直高。 Crops rule good. 庄稼情况一般都不错。 rule over 治理…;统治…。adj.-less 无规则的,无约束的。
rule的發音,rule的讀音,rule怎麼讀rule sound