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reputation sound

pronunciation:[ ˌrepju(:)'teiʃən ]  
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  • reputation 's definition:the general estimation that the public has for a person; "he acquired a reputation as an actor before he started writing"; "he was a person of bad report"
  • reputation in Chinesen.名气,名声,名誉;名望,信誉,声望。 a man of reputation 有名望的人。 a man of no reputation 默默无闻的人;没有声望的人。 build up a reputation 博得名声。 enjoy a high reputation as a man of science 享有盛名的科学家。 have a good [poor] reputation 名誉好[坏]。 have a reputation for=have the reputation of 因…而著名,以…闻名,有…的名气。 live up to one's reputation 不负盛名;行为与名声相符。 lose [ruin] one's reputation 名誉扫地。
  • reputation in French:réputation音标:[repytasjɔ̃]f. 声誉,名望,声望;名声f. 名誉, 名声réputationf.声誉réputation de solvabilité bancaire银行信用近义词aura, célebritté , considération, cote, crédit, gloire, notoriété, popularité, prestige, renom
reputation的發音,reputation的讀音,reputation怎麼讀reputation sound