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regale sound

pronunciation:[ ri'geil ]  
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  • regale 's definition:provide with choice or abundant food or drink; "Don''t worry about the expensive wine--I''m treating"; "She treated her houseguests with good food every night"
  • regale in Chinesevt.盛宴招待,款待;使欢悦,使快乐;使心满意足 (with)。 regale oneself with drink [a cigar] (高兴地)喝酒,抽[雪茄]。vi.享受好滋味;吃喝,享用 (on) 大大欢喜。n.〔古语〕盛宴;山珍海味,佳肴。n.-ment
  • regale in French:régale动词变位提示:régale是régaler的变位形式专业辞典1. adj.f【化学】王水2.n.m.【音乐】(管风琴的)人声音栓[也称voix humaine]n.f.【史】国王特权[特指法国国王征收空缺主教的收入及任命其所属宗教职位之权]
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