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refer sound

pronunciation:[ ri'fə: ]  
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  • refer 's definition:think of, regard, or classify under a subsuming principle or with a general group or in relation to another; "This plant can be referred to a known species"
  • refer in Chinesevt.(-rr-)1.把…提交,交付,委托,付托(事件、问题等)(to)。2.叫…去打听,叫某人参看,叫某人查询,叫某人注意 (to); 叫…到某处或某人处 (to), 查询某事 (for); 让…过目,使…参看;使…注意(事实等) (to)。3.把某人叫做 (as), 将…归因于…,认为,是起因于[由于]…,将…归入,认为,属于(某物、某类、某地、某人、某时代等) (to)。 refer oneself to 依赖,求助于。 The dispute was referred to the United Nations. 这项争论已提交联合国。 refer a bill to a committee 把议案提交委员会。 For further particulars I refer you to my secretary. 详细情况请问我的秘书。 She often refers questions to me. 她常拿问题来问我。 refer sb. to the dictionary 叫某人去查字典。 All these are referred to as animals. 这些都叫做动物。 Zoologists refer barnacles to Crustancea. 动物学家把螺蛳归入甲壳类。vi.1.借助,参考,参看,引证,引用;翻阅,查看(账簿等) (to)。2.有关系,涉及 (to) 说到,提到;打听,查询〔特别是品行、能力等〕 (to)。3.使注意,指点,指示。短语和例子
refer的發音,refer的讀音,refer怎麼讀refer sound