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propagation sound

pronunciation:[ ˌprɔpə'geiʃən ]  
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  • propagation 's definition:the act of producing offspring or multiplying by such production
  • propagation in Chinese:持续培养
  • propagation in French:音标:[prɔpagasjɔ̃]f. 繁殖,增殖;传播,推广,普及;传道propagationf.传播;传导;蔓延;推广;繁殖propagation de fissures裂纹扩展propagation de la marée潮汐传播近义词multiplication, reproduction, circulation, colportage, diffusion, dissémination, expansion, extension, progression, rayonnement
propagation的發音,propagation的讀音,propagation怎麼讀propagation sound