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predicate sound

pronunciation:[ 'predikit ]  
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  • predicate 's definition:one of the two main constituents of a sentence; the predicate contains the verb and its complements
  • predicate in Chinesen.1.【语法】谓语,述语。2.【逻辑学】谓项,述项,述词,宾词。3.本质;属性。adj.谓语的,述语的;谓项的,述项的。vt.1.论断,断言;断定…为某物的属性;断定某物有…的属性 (about; of)。2.〔美国〕使(声明、行动等)依据于 (on; upon), 使基于。3.宣言,宣布,声明。4.意味着,具有…的含义。5.【语法】表述。vi.断言 (of)。 Can anything be predicated about a non-existent thing 能够表述不存在的东西吗? (We) predicate of the motive that it is good. (我们)断言这个动机是好的。
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