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party sound

pronunciation:[ 'pɑ:ti ]  
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  • party 's definition:an occasion on which people can assemble for social interaction and entertainment; "he planned a party to celebrate Bastille Day"
  • party in Chinesen.1.党,党派;政党;结党,党派活动。2.【军事】特遣队,分遣队,部队。3.(交际性质的)聚会,集会,宴会。4.同行者,随行人员;同类,伙伴。5.【法律】诉讼关系人〔原告或被告〕,当事人,一方;(证件上的)署名人;共犯者。6.〔俚、谑〕(一个)人。短语和例子vt.(-tied) 〔美国〕为…举行社交聚会;为…请客。 The visiting professor was cocktailed, partied and dined. 为来访的教授举行了鸡尾酒会、晚会和晚宴。vi.举行[参加]社交宴会。adj.1. 政党的,党派的。2.社交的。3.【徽章】分隔开的,染色的。短语和例子
  • party in French:宴会聚会派对
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