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partial sound

pronunciation:[ 'pɑ:ʃəl ]  
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  • partial 's definition:a harmonic with a frequency that is a multiple of the fundamental frequency
  • partial in Chineseadj.1.一部分的,局部的,不完全的。2.不公平的;偏袒的。3.偏爱的,特别欢喜的 (to)。4.【植物;植物学】后生的,再生的。短语和例子adv.-ly n.-ness =partiality.
  • partial in French:音标:[parsjal]partial,-e(aux)a. 偏心的,不公正的近义词de parti pris , orienté, partisan, subjectif, tendancieux, de parti pris , partisan, prévenu, tendancieux
partial的發音,partial的讀音,partial怎麼讀partial sound