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object sound

pronunciation:[ 'ɔbdʒikt ]  
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  • object 's definition:a tangible and visible entity; an entity that can cast a shadow; "it was full of rackets, balls and other objects"
  • object in Chinesen.1. 物,物体,物件。2.目标 (of; for); 目的,宗旨。3.【哲学】对象,客体,客观 (opp. subject); 【语法】宾语。4.〔口语〕(可笑或可怜的)人[物]。短语和例子vi.1.反对,抗议,表示异议 (against, to)。2.抱反感,不服气,有意见。vt.提出…作反对的理由 (that)。 If you don't object. 假使你不反对。 I object. 〔英下院〕我反对。 I object against him that he is a hypocrite. 我反对他,因为他是个伪君子。 object to 1. 反对(I object to your doing that. 我反对你做那件事)。2.讨厌(I object very much to a wet weather. 我非常讨厌潮湿的天气)。adj.-less 没有目的[宗旨]的,没有物像的。
object的發音,object的讀音,object怎麼讀object sound