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notion sound

pronunciation:[ 'nəuʃən ]  
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  • notion 's definition:(usually plural) small personal articles or clothing or sewing items; "buttons and needles are notions"
  • notion in Chinesen.1.意见,见解,想法,看法,观点;学说 (=theory); 打算,意图,意向,意志。2.(空泛的)理解;(空)想,奇想。3.概念;观念。4.〔pl.〕〔美国〕杂货〔针线等〕;新出精巧实用小物品。5.〔pl.〕英国温彻斯特 (Winchester) 学院特有的词汇。短语和例子
  • notion in French:音标:[nosjɔ̃]f. 概念;观念,看法;基础知识notionf.概念;理念;思想;概念化近义词abstraction, concept, idée, conscience, idée, sens, sentiment, bases, éléments, principes
notion的發音,notion的讀音,notion怎麼讀notion sound